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How to fix the dreaded performance review with lean

A couple years ago, The Washington Post ran a headline, “Study finds that basically every single person hates performance reviews” (2014).  It’s funny because it’s true, but also because we don’t need research by a team of university psychologists to tell us that; we already know everyone hates performance reviews.  What many people in business…

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When great perks fail: winning conversion to employee engagement

This is the third article in a three part series on employee engagement.  The  first article began a case study of a company that focused almost exclusively on boosting its benefits and perks in hopes that it would lead to happy employees and customers.  When we consulted with the company we found there was a…

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When great perks fail: 3 ways to boost engagement now

In a previous article I told the story of a company that poured a lot of resources into programs and perks that would raise their employee satisfaction scores. After an initial boost in overall satisfaction, they found that employees quickly came to think of the perks as entitlements, and their satisfaction scores grew stagnant.  After…

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