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Kaizen Facilitation


Get the momentum you need to make change in your organization by requesting one of our facilitators to train and guide your team to solutions.  Our events always have a lot of energy and your team will be tasked to analyze root causes of problems and create potential solutions.

The end results are improvements in your business developed by your organization.

  • Engage your team

  • Create high engery events

  • Solve problems

  • improve your process

Associate Surveys

We create a custom survey for your target population to find out why associates are not staying. This will make a connection between your data and the voice of the associate.

the undercover employee program sends in an agent to study your workforce culture

Undercover Employee

Think of "Undercover Boss", but in reverse. We send an agent undercover as an associate into the workplace equipped with audits to understand what's "really go going on".

  • Identify your constraint

  • Meet customer demand

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce resources required

  • Develop demand playbooks

Resource Balancing



It's easy to get used to the status quo, but what if you could be shown where your bottlenecks are? What if you could produce more in your available time? What if you realized restructuring your team could make you more efficient?

We will analyze your physical workflow using video recording and line balancing software. Then we generate reports to show you where improvements can be made.

Material Flow Improvement

Material downtime is waste most manufacturers face everday. Unfortunately you might not have the time to really dig into the problem. Our team has helped businesses implement kanban and sequencing systems that work.

Level Scheduling

Variation creates problems everywhere including your scheduling system. Customer demand is expected to change, however our team can help you find patterns in how customers order so that you can anticipate, make adjustments, and level out your production schedule.

Lean Support Solutions

Lean Support Solutions equips businesses with the tools to create lasting benefit.  We build customized continuous improvement programs for companies of all kinds.  Join the industry leaders and start your Lean Transformation today!


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