Nathanael Sinclair

HR & Employee Engagement Expert

Nathanael has honed his Human Resources and employee engagement experience in a variety of industries including healthcare, non-profits, hospitality and more.  He is passionate about people, constantly seeking out the best strategies to get employees at all levels connected to your organization’s goals and mission.  Nathanael brings a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge to investigate issues from multiple perspectives, and to find creative and effective solutions to problems.



Nathanael has worked on many aspects of engagement initiatives, from basic benefits programs to system-wide culture change at companies with thousands of employees.  Employee engagement is closely tied to lean principles, empowering employees to bring their full creative energy to the success of the organization.

managers get frustrated because they know they are asking the right questions, but they don't know how to get the right answers


Human Resources issues can be some of the most complex, misunderstood situations a leader has to face, but Nathanael is able to clarify what is at stake.  Using a holistic approach and knowledge of the relevant laws, Nathanael provides the coaching that leaders need to be able to build better teams and processes at all levels of an organization.

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Somebody you can rely on.

“Nathanael helped me implement a new, more efficient workflow for processing GI colon screening orders, and we transformed a department from shadow charts to a more efficient electronic medical record.  His attention to detail and ability to think outside the box led to comprehensively improved future state processes and workflows, positively affecting end-user efficiency and effectiveness.”


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